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Who is the program designed for?
What is included in the sessions?

Is This Program Right for You?

Individuals looking for a healing experience, both emotionally and spiritually

Those who resonate with a healing approach rooted in bible stories about faith, under their faith beliefs.

Individuals facing challenges related to toxic thoughts, feelings, and unhealthy behaviors, and are seeking solutions.

People who appreciate a comfortable and safe environment where discussions are confidential, and they won’t feel judged.

Individuals who may feel anxious or nervous, especially during their first session, and are looking for a supportive and understanding space.

Those with healing goals who are motivated to work with advisors to achieve personal growth and well-being.

Happy Clients

Freedom Through Knowing the Truth! Personal advising with Keala and Yvette Thompson has transformed my life on a personal level as well as within my marriage/family and in all relationships with other people. I have learned tools on how to relate to conflict, bullying/manipulation, trauma (PTSD), abuse, and many other challenges that humans face on a day to day basis.I have learned how to process through these things, get to the root cause, and heal from them. I have literally been able to feel my brain healing as I have started healing emotionally. I am now able to see life and situations through different eyes and look at finding solutions for problems rather than feeling like a victim to circumstances. I have found true freedom and I am ever so grateful! Now I am able to be around those who have caused me stress and pain in the past without feeling oppressed or fearful. If you are looking for this kind of healing and joy in your life, I would highly recommend advising sessions with Keala and Yvette. You will not regret it!
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Twyla Burch
Healing through Christ I feel that God has given Keala and Yvette a gift to help people heal from their past hurts. They have helped me find the root causes of the emotional brokenness l've had and given me tools to be able to work through each area that needs healing. They truly care about helping and make it a very comfortable environment to be able to open up and share everything with them. I highly recommend them to everyone around me that also struggles with past hurts and brokenness in their lives. I want everyone to experience the freedom that I have with the healing that comes through
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Shannah Waggoner
The best thing for my spiritual life and marriage I was hesitant at first to talk with Keala and Yvette simply because I didn't feel I needed to. Although my marriage was crumbling I believed I could fix it by reading my Bible and praying more. Why would I need an outside influence when I could go to God. Since things were not improving I finally gave in, but my sessions with Keala and Yvette were a bit rocky only because I was still resistant. After several sessions and much patience from them, things started to sink in with the first thing being how I had believed a lie in the way I viewed God. I couldn't believe it and I actually denied it at first but the truth persisted and since realizing this and continuing to work with Keala and Yvette my spiritual life and my marriage have grown exponentially. Keala and Yvette have been a godsend and I praise God for their ministry. Meeting with them week after week has been a tremendous blessing and I know if I had not I would be divorced right now. Because of them I love the Lord and my
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