What Our Ministry is About?

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Whenever we go on speaking engagements we always get the question asked, “What is your ministry about?” So we decided that we would answer this question in our first blog. 

As we began to write the answer to this question, we were blessed as we were able to put into our very own words, what is really on our hearts.

A Loud & Clear Call Ministries’ passion is to reveal God’s character of love so that others may be restored back into the image of God! This healing through God’s love is critical. 

And thus, there are different avenues through which A Loud & Clear Call Ministries’ helps others to see this love.

thompson family with attendees

One of the means by which we reach this goal of restoration is through our Healing Rain Schools. These 10-day Schools are done at different locations. 

Besides teaching relevant and practical classes, we seek to create a safe and transparent environment where love can grow. Every single subject is taught only in the light of God’s love. 

We also use a Life Skills program where each attendee participates four hours a day when not in class. The instructors lead by example in every aspect of life. They teach not only in the classroom, but alongside attendees in the Life Skills program. 

Self-government is another foundation of the school. Attendees are encouraged to learn how to govern themselves by allowing the Holy Spirit to convict and change them from the inside out, rather than being controlled and regulated from the outside in. 

These are just a few of the principles promoted at our 10-day Healing Rain Schools. The principles are designed to work together to help reach and create an environment where love and healing can take place. Future Healing Rain Schools can be found by clicking on the Healing Rain bar on our Website.

keala speaking through a crowd

Restoration is also done through our Speaking Engagements; where we speak at Conferences, Retreats, Camp Meetings, Churches & Schools. Since we are a Family Ministry, we have always been able to travel together as a family. 

If you are interested in inviting us to minister to your Event, Church or School, please check out our “Contact Us” bar on our website to contact us. You can also find out where we will be ministering at by clicking on the Schedule bar on our website, or by clicking here: Schedule

Our prayer is that others may experience the same healing that we are experiencing in our lives, and also the same joy in knowing who God really is; that He is love! It is also our prayer that this same realization and healing may become yours as well.

May you continue to see God’s rich love shining down upon you!

In His love,

Keala & Yvette Thompson

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