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Our minds are made up of both thoughts and feelings. In this presentation, we will discover the root cause of emotional pain by seeing how our thoughts affect our feelings and how our feelings affect our behavior. 

When we understand this, we can then begin our healing through the thoughts and feelings of God’s Love!


When one has physical pain, one normally takes a pain reliever to numb the pain. 

When one has emotional pain, one normally also takes a narcotic or behavior narcotic to numb the emotional pain. 

In this presentation, we will trace backwards to discover the emotional pain that drives our addictions and also the Love that heals it!


Anger at someone usually comes from being disappointed at them for letting you down. 

And being disappointed at someone usually comes from the expectations that we have created for them. 

In the same way, many people are disappointed or angry at God because they have had false expectations of how God works. When this is cleared up, then the healing can begin.


Whenever people have been abused where there is no healing, it always leads to a low self-worth.

This leads them into a vicious cycle of comparing themselves with others in order to gain their self-worth. 

But our self-worth is not based upon what others think of us, but instead our self-worth is based upon what God thinks of us! 


In ancient times, if one had committed a crime where people were out to get them, the City of Refuge was a place where they could go to find refuge. 

In the same way today, people are also longing for a safe place to go to, in order to find healing from an abusive world! 

But this safe space can only be created when we finally see the type of safe environment that God wants to create, not only within our homes and communities, but primarily within our hearts! 


The secret to experiencing true freedom from bitterness, anger & resentment is found in forgiveness.

But forgiveness is not found in the works of trying harder, or in praying harder, or in reading your Bible more. 

But instead, true forgiveness towards others is found only when we have first experienced God’s forgiveness towards us!


The reason why there are so many hard-hearted people today is because they have been wounded in their childhood. 

They are the walking around wounded. 

We call them the walking wounded. These walking wounded can only be healed by the unconditional and unselfish Love of God!


Many of us want to grow. But pain, that is so unattractive. The truth is that we are not going to grow in any area of our lives if we are not willing to face pain. 

Whether it be in our work, our health, or our relationships; we must experience pain, before we can experience growth. 

The same is also true in our emotional and spiritual growth. For in order to grow, we must first face our past hurts and wounds, so that we can then begin to heal through the love of a compassionate God!


We are living in a time where people are wearing masks pretending to be something they are not, just so that people will like them. 

It is because everyone is wearing these masks, that we find so many nice people out there, but wonder why their homes are falling apart. 

But the path to healing can only come when we realize who we really are and take off our masks so that we can then begin the healing that we so desperately need!


We were created to connect emotionally. And everyone longs for this whether they realize it or not. 

In fact, a lot of our disagreements that we have use the hard emotions as a way to cry out for re-connection. 

Our God also longs to connect with us emotionally and it is an understanding of this connection that will help us to restore our relationships with others.


There is a battle between love and force. Between freedom and control. And today, many people have been manipulated and controlled through abusive relationships. 

Unfortunately, whenever one’s mind is controlled by another, that person eventually loses their identity as to who they are. 

When this happens, there is only one thing that has the power to set them free; the safety and security of God’s Love!


We need healing whenever we sin against others, but we also need healing when we are sinned against.

 Whenever we get hurt, we build up walls around our heart so as to protect it from being hurt again. 

But in order to truly love again, these walls around our heart needs to come down so that we can then experience the intimacy within our relationships that we were created for!

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Couldn't Ask for Better Mentors - While working towards my goal of becoming a mental health therapist I wanted to glean insights into what 'really' helps people heal, grow, and thrive. The online mentorship course with Keala and Yvette provided exactly what I was looking for. They have extensive experience helping others see themselves and/or their loved ones through a healthier, more compassionate lens. It was healing just to learn their approach to helping others heal. They have a gift at pinpointing the core dysfunctions in unhealthy thought/emotional patterns and they excel at organizing their content into an easy to understand model. I would highly recommend the online mentorship course to those who are seeking to help others but need a jump start in their career or ministry.
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Clayton Hanchett
Healing through Christ - I feel that God has given Keala and Yvette a gift to help people heal from their past hurts. They have helped me find the root causes of the emotional brokenness I’ve had and given me tools to be able to work through each area that needs healing. They truly care about helping and make it a very comfortable environment to be able to open up and share everything with them. I highly recommend them to everyone around me that also struggles with past hurts and brokenness in their lives. I want everyone to experience the freedom that I have with the healing that comes through Christ.
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Shanna Waggoner
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