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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by! We are a Christian family ministry that believes our ministry is just an overflow of what God’s Love is already doing in our home and family. 

Our vision is to help others to experience the same healing that we have experienced.

We also believe that God has reconfirmed us time and time again in our ministry with Luke 4:18.

We believe that God has called us to share the good news of hope to those who feel hopeless. To bring emotional healing to those who have been hurt in broken relationships.

To rescue those who have been slaves to their traumas and addictions. To recover the truth for those who have believed the lies that fear has told them. 

And to set free all those who have self-imprisoned themselves through self-sabotage and toxic thinking.

– Keala & Yvette Thompson

keala thompson

Once upon a time, I was only out to have the most fun. Crazy & reckless, I almost lost my life several times. 

But in my search for happiness, I was never able to find it. No matter what I did, I was still empty, longing for more. It was then that I found Jesus and fell in love with Him. 

It was the start of a new and fresh relationship. A total change in a different direction. But, unfortunately over time, in “working for God” I had lost my love and passion for Him.

God then sent me a wake up call that shook me! This drastically shifted my life, my work, my dreams and most importantly, my relationship with Him! 

Today, I am continuing on with my journey to find that “first love” experience that I once had with God. Learning to trust Him more and more in the most simplest of ways has only deepened my relationship with Him.

To be honest, this journey that I’ve been through, has been very painful! 

But it is these very experiences that I’ve been through, that has now given me the ability to help others to come out of their darkness and into the light.

yvette thompson

I was born and raised in Hawaii, the oldest of four, with many early responsibilities. In grade school, I had a confusing experience about my sexuality.

Despite having great friends, I never had a boyfriend. Over time, I felt discouraged seeing others in relationships and with children.

In 2000, my life changed at a Church tent meeting when I realized Jesus loved me and voluntarily died for me. I got baptized in 2001, married in 2003, and had a child in 2004.

In the busyness of life and ministry, I became determined to be a “good” Christian, but lost myself in the process. This led to strained relationships with my husband and daughter, making me unhappy.

I then embarked on a journey to discover who God really was, leading to healthier relationships and freedom from people-pleasing and pretending.


I have recently listened to your series of sermons on relationships.  It has been an insightful, difficult, encouraging; and soul-searching journey. Praise the Lord for your ministry
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