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What You Will Learn in Your Online Mentorship Course

Acquire skills in providing mentorship that is impactful and supportive.

Learn strategies for establishing and maintaining strong connections with those seeking guidance.

Develop the ability to customize mentorship to the unique needs and circumstances of each individual.

Hone active listening skills and effective communication techniques crucial for mentorship.

Explore how to guide others through healing using faith-based principles and biblical insights.

Gain tools to address and support individuals in their spiritual and emotional healing journeys.

Learn to navigate challenges that may arise during the mentorship process with wisdom and resilience.

Foster an environment that encourages mentees to reflect on their personal growth and healing.

Happy Client

Couldn't Ask for Better Mentors - While working towards my goal of becoming a mental health therapist I wanted to glean insights into what really' helps people heal, grow, and thrive. The online mentorship course with Keala and Yvette provided exactly what I was looking for. They have extensive experience helping others see themselves and/or their loved ones through a healthier, more compassionate lens. It was healing just to learn their approach to helping others heal. They have a gift at pinpointing the core dysfunctions in unhealthy thought/emotional patterns and they excel at organizing their content into an easy to understand model. I would highly recommend the online mentorship course to those who are seeking to help others but need a jump start in their career or ministry.
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Clayton H.

Connect, Learn, Heal​

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